Anwari Mughalaz Powder

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Brand : LyonsBarry

Item Form : Powder

Diet Type : Vegetarian

Flavor : Natural

Product Benefits : Health Enhancement

Package Information : Food Grade Bottle

Net Content : 225gm

Global Shipping Facility : Available

Shipping Company : FedEx, DHL, Blue Dart, EMS.



Super Benefits of Anwari Mughalaz Powder:

  • More Stiffness with extra size enhancement during playtime.
  • Batter sex drive with more stiffness.
  • Increase Stamina to stay longer until ultimate climax.
  • Healthy blood regulation in just 2 minute with long stay.
  • Increase live sperm counts results to fertility.
  • Increase thickness semen in just 30 days.
  • Boost testosterone level within 30 days
  • Permanent sexual health improvements.
  • Increase performance by increasing muscle strength.
  • The blend of these natural extracts can act improve your overall performance.
  • If you have found yourself constantly battling fatigue and lack of stamina, we’ve got you covered. Anwari Mughalaz Powder helps the retention of maximum muscle strength.
  • Anwari Mughalaz Powder Fulvic Acid which is the key ingredient in purified Shilajit has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Anwari Mughalaz Powder 80+ trace minerals, they contribute to help boost energy levels naturally, making you feel invigorated and fresh.


Question : Do you feel lack of strength & stamina?

Question : Do feel lack of power during the days & nights?

Question : Are you looking for more strength & power in daily life?

If your answer to the above questions is yes then Anwari Mughalaz Powder is for you. Anwari Mughalaz Powder is an Ayurvedic formulation which is good for improving strength, stamina and power and beneficial in relieving general weakness. Anwari Mughalaz Powder is a unique combination of ayurvedic ingredients.  – Anwari Mughalaz Powder is therapies in Ayurveda,  along with goodness of herbs like Ashwagandha, Kaunch, Vidari, Musali etc and Gold, Silver and Yashad Bhasmas. The herbs and Bhasmas contained in Anwari Mughalaz Powder are beneficial for strength promotion as per Ayurvedic texts. The ingredients of Anwari Mughalaz Powder act synergistically in maintaining and restoring the overall physical health and well-being. The ingredients contained in Anwari Mughalaz Powder are physical endurance enhancers as substantiated by the traditional literature and backed by modern pharmacological studies

Key Ingredients:

Elettaria cardamomum, Bambusa arundinacea, Curculigo orchioides, Trapa natans, Orchis latifolia, Plantago ovata, Argyreia speciosa, Asteracantha longifolia, Mimosa pudica, Tragacanth gum, Acacia arabica gum, Chlorophytum borivilianum, Rock sugar.


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Additional information

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Anwari Mughalaz Powder
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